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About Tivat

Tivat is located in the Boka Bay. It offers a vibrant atmosphere of outdoor cafes, waterfront promenades, sports, and nightlife.

It is one of those barren seaside towns, that has exploded into an amazing place for travelers. The town itself offers a slice of everything Montenegro has to offer: beautiful Adriatic sea, unspoiled mountain peaks and hidden natural gems. Along with some features that set it apart from other resort towns. 

Tivat's location makes it easy to reach from pretty much anywhere in Europe. It's a gorgeous southeastern corner of the Adriatic Sea, which you can reach on air, land, or sea. 

Tivat is the only coastal town in Montenegro with an airport. You can land at the Tivat Airport, and be chilling on the beach, or eating fish fresh off the boat within an hour! Whether you’re making a stopover on your way around the Adriatic or enjoying a relaxing holiday, Adriatic Motorway going through Tivat makes it a reachable spot. And private boats can dock in Porto Montenegro or Lustica Bay Marina. 

For culture and history, you can visit the Buca Gallery or Naval Heritage museum. As for the outdoor activities, some of the most famous spots here are the Vrmac ridge, the Solila - Special Botanical and Animal Reserve, or authentic Boka village of Gornja Lastva. Nevertheless, there are other sites worth visiting such as luxury marina Porto Montenegro, famous Tivat promenade Pine, or The Large Town Park .

Tivat's vibe is relaxed but still energetic, and there is a wide range of activities to keep everyone’s head in the game. So you can rent a boat, have a few rounds of golf and archery, take a stand-up paddle tour around the bay, and many more!

So, you can get here from anywhere in Europe in only a couple of hours, and once you're here, it turns out to be a perfect place to start your Montenegro vacation. To get an idea of what this country has to offer.